Humanity's colonization into space was still young when the first Great Houses began to form. The Houses vied for control of space until the armies of Terra (Earth) conquered and unified them under the banner of the Star League. For a time, mankind began to advance beyond all expectation, achieving a golden age for human achievement.

This renaissance was cut short as the Star League succumbed to treachery and corruption. As the League ripped itself apart in civil war, what remained of its considerable armies fled to deep space to forge a new destiny. The Great Houses, now left unchecked, have embroiled the Inner Sphere in constant war for centuries.

Inner Sphere Factions

House Liao

Empire Designation: Capellan Confederation
Government: Dictatorship
Capital: Zi-jin Cheng, Sian
Ruler: Chancellor Romano Liao
Dominant Languages: Chinese, Russian, English, Hindi
Founded: 2366

Considered a repressive dictatorship by most, the Capellan Confederation's relatively small territory hosts the most loyal and civic minded society in the Inner Sphere.

Ruled over by a Chancellor wielding absolute power, citizenship must be earned with each person evaluated to determine their contributions to the whole. House Liao can trace its traditions back to its strong Chinese and Russian influences.

Much of its size has been diminished after years of successive defeats at the hands of the Federated Suns. It was this constant barrage that led the Capellans to eventually seek out alliances with their former enemies: the Free Worlds League and the Draconis Combine.

House Kurita

Empire Designation: Draconis Combine
Government: Autocracy
Capital: Imperial City, Luthien
Ruler: Coordinator Takashi Kurita
Dominant Languages: Japanese, Arabic, English
Founded: 2319

Possessing one of the best trained armies in the Inner Sphere, House Kurita believes it is destined to one day rule over the other Houses, and they aggressively pursue this end.

Following the ancient tenets of Bushido, Draconis Combine society follows the Five Pillars and values honor, duty and conquest above all else. House Kurita rules their people with complete dictatorial power in the style of feudal Japan on ancient Terra.

Shortly after the collapse of the Star League the Combine conquered the peaceful people of Rasalhague, leading to a long and bloody occupation. Kurita's continued hostility to its neighbors drew ire from both the Lyrans and Federated Suns, who established an alliance to combat the machinations of the advancing Draconis forces.

House Steiner

Empire Designation: Lyran Commonwealth
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital: Tharkad City, Tharkad
Ruler: Archon Melissa Steiner Davion
Dominant Languages: English, German, Scottish Gaelic, Italian, French
Founded: 2341

One of the largest successor states, the Lyran Commonwealth is renowned for its unparalleled wealth, advanced industries, and complete lack of military cunning.

Ostensibly a hereditary monarchy, House Steiner is largely careful to ensure the rights and freedoms of their people are upheld. It is common for nobility to be gifted high ranking posts in the military, leaving the Lyran command structure historically inept and hampering many of their intergalactic ambitions.

The Lyran Commonwealth was eager to capitalize on the chaos after the fall of the Star League and began a push to capture worlds belonging to the Free Worlds League. They soon found themselves surrounded by enemies as the Draconis Combine initiated their own campaigns against the Commonwealth. It was with this in mind that Steiner and Davion would form an alliance between their two powerful Houses.

House Davion

Empire Designation: Federated Suns
Government: Constitutional Aristocracy
Capital: New Avalon City, New Avalon
Ruler: First Prince Hanse Davion
Dominant Languages: English, French, German
Founded: 2317

The largest of the successor states, the Federated Suns is often considered the preeminent military power in the Inner Sphere. Davion society is fixated on martial prowess and has a reputation for being hawkish and bellicose.

Strongly influenced by pre-first exodus Great Britain, United States, and France, it often boasts of its high minded values and civil liberties. Despite these claims it is first-and-foremost a constitutional monarchy, ruled over by the Davion bloodline and various aristocrats.

Much of its territorial expansion over the years have come at the expense of the Capellans, creating an ever-lasting animosity with House Liao. An alliance was struck with House Steiner of the Lyran Alliance in the face of similar conflicts with the Draconis Combine and Free Worlds League.

House Marik

Empire Designation: Free Worlds League
Government: Parliamentary Confederacy
Capital: Atreus City, Atreus
Ruler: Captain-General Thomas Marik
Dominant Languages: English, Spanish, Greek, Romanian, Urdu
Founded: 2271

The Free Worlds League has the distinction of being the oldest of the successor states. While its society is multicultural and has historically offered great autonomy to its regions it now exists in a perpetual state of martial law.

Originally a loose alliance between early states of European, American, and Indian roots, the League functions as a representative democracy ruled by a parliament. Despite the democratic nature of the government House Marik still wields supreme control over the armed forces and maintains the final word on most issues.

House Marik was at war with Steiner almost immediately after the fall of the Star League, and continued throughout the wars of succession that followed. Once House Steiner and Davion had declared their alliance the Free Worlds League turned to Kurita and Liao for support, re-balancing the forces of the Inner Sphere.

Free Rasalhague Republic

Empire Designation: Free Rasalhague Republic
Government: Representative Parliament
Capital: Reyljavik, Rasalhague
Ruler: Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson
Dominant Languages: Swedish, Japanese, Swedenese, German, English
Founded: 3034

The youngest among the successor states, the Free Rasalhague Republic's ultimate goal is simply to survive as a nation amongst the larger warlike Great Houses around them.

The FRR is not ruled by a noble House, and is one of a few true democratic states in the Inner Sphere. Due to Rasalhague's location between the Great Houses Steiner and Kurita its Scandinavian background is now intertwined with those two nations.

Once an early interplanetary state, Rasalhague was completely absorbed into the Draconis Combine during an invasion centuries ago. Its sovereignty was only recently granted by an agreement between Great Houses Steiner and Kurita. Each ceded control of several planets to Rasalhague, who now act as a buffer state and remain neutral to both parties.

Ruled over by ancient dynastic families, the Inner Sphere is divided into six Great Houses. Each House hails from a different culture in humanity's past, and carry with them their easily recognizable traditions.

The invasion has galvanized the factions of the Inner Sphere into an uneasy alliance. While still technically at war with each other, the existential threat posed by the Clans is far more dire.

The Clans

Clan Ghost Bear

Empire Designation: Crusader Clan
Government: Caste-driven Warrior Society
Capital: Arcadia
Ruler: Khan Bjorn Jorgensson
Dominant Languages: English
Founded: 2810

Ghost Bear values Strength, family, and patience above all else. Known for their detailed planning and patience, they are much less likely to rush into battle than other Crusader minded Clans.

Putting special emphasis on training and discipline, the Bears pride themselves on their preparedness and forward thinking tactics. The significance of family and relatively good treatment of freeborn in Ghost Bear society does not conform with usual Crusader attitudes.

While ostensibly a Crusader state, Clan Ghost Bear does not share their tenancy towards hotheadedness, often leading to friction with other Crusaders. The Bears fought against Clan Wolf for the right to launch the invasion of the Inner Sphere but tend to remain more-or-less neutral to most disputes within the Clans.

Clan Jade Falcon

Empire Designation: Crusader Clan
Government: Caste-driven Warrior Society
Capital: Ironhold
Ruler: Khan Elias Crichell
Dominant Languages: English
Founded: 2810

Well known for a stubborn adherence to tradition, Clan Jade Falcon is also known for its arrogance and impulsiveness on the battlefield. Their petulance and Crusader nature make the Falcons a dangerous and unpredictable foe.

Much of the Clan's society is fixated on tradition, genetic purity, and conquest. Advancement and personal pride are of paramount importance in all facets of Jade Falcon life. Their strong will to dominate is often offset by hasty actions that have a habit of costing them victory on the battlefield.

Jade Falcon abhors deviation from tradition and often derides the Warden's vision of Clan conduct. The Falcons have a long standing hatred of Clan Wolf stemming back to their mutual formation, when Wolf was appointed the holders of the Kerensky Bloodname.

Clan Smoke Jaguar

Empire Designation: Crusader Clan
Government: Caste-driven Warrior Society
Capital: Huntress
Ruler: Khan Lincoln Osis
Dominant Languages: English
Founded: 2810

Brutal, cunning, and savage, Clan Smoke Jaguar pay only minimal respect to tradition and leave nothing but bloodshed in their wake. As the founders of the Crusader ideology they seek conquest above all other goals.

Smoke Jaguar society is completely subservient to those in the warrior caste. They despise freeborn and hold very little esteem for those outside of the military. Therefore, much of the Jaguars resources and scientific capacity is provided solely from raids on its neighboring Clans.

Jaguar's cruelty and ambition often put them at odds with other Clans. While Wolf remains the key target of their ire, Smoke Jaguar does not always enjoy sharing control of the Crusaders with Jade Falcon and will often look for ways to overshadow their rivals.

Clan Wolf

Empire Designation: Warden Clan
Government: Caste-driven Warrior Society
Capital: Strana Mechty
Ruler: Khan Ulric Kerensky
Dominant Languages: English
Founded: 2810

Clan Wolf, Leader of the Warden Clans, is known for its deliberate and balanced approach to both society and warfare. Wolf's successes can be attributed to the value they place on collecting intelligence, logistics, and seizing opportunities.

Wolf society is much less formal that that of other Clans. Warriors are expected to make political decisions and all their castes tend to receive relatively fair treatment. Wolf is one of the most tolerant of the Clan cultures, openly allowing freeborn to hold prestigious positions within its ranks.

As keepers of the Kerensky Bloodname, Clan Wolf's voice is often heard the loudest within the Clans. Sadly this does not shield them from their rivals, and Wolf must stay vigilant against Crusader plots to usurp them.

Led by General Aleksandr Kerensky, the remnants of the Star League Defense Forces escaped the collapse of the Star League by fleeing to a series of remote worlds far from Inner Sphere. Genetic alteration and a descent into a warlike caste system soon transformed the former SLDF into the ferocious Clans.

The Clans consider those born with genetic enhancements as "Trueborn", and despise naturally-born "Freebirth". In the darkness of deep space they waited for their chance to attack the Successor States and resurrect the Star League.

Despite their seemingly singular purpose of claiming control over Terra the Clans are subject to their own old rivalries, which complicate the invasion plans as the Clans are divided along two conflicting ideologies: the Crusaders and the Wardens.

  • Crusaders believe it is the destiny of the Clans to conquer the Inner Sphere, thereby saving it from the chaotic nature of the Successor States.

  • The Wardens were initially opposed to the force invasion and consider themselves stewards of the Inner Sphere whose duty it is to protect its inhabitants.

Throughout the centuries the Wardens had been successful in staving off the Crusader invasion plans. However, the arrival of an Inner Sphere surveillance probe into Clan space gave the Crusaders the political leverage to finally begin their conquest. Numerous Warden and Crusader Clans exist within the Clan Homeworlds, but only the four mightiest earned the right to invade.

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