Patcher End of Life Post

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Jan 22, 2018 5:00 PM UTC 101  comments
MWO Patcher End of Life


The MWO patcher (shown above) will reach end-of-life on February 19th, prior to the scheduled MechWarrior Online patch. If you are still using this patcher now, please switch over to the MWO Portal (shown Bellow) immediately. If you are having issues using the Portal, please contact Piranha Games Customer Service as soon as possible so we can work towards resolving any outstanding problems before this patcher is retired.


Switching to the MWO Portal is easy! All you need to do is install the application (available at and simply use the new Portal to run the game instead. There's no need to uninstall or modify your existing MechWarrior Online installation; your pre-existing install should work fine.

STEAM: This does not affect the Steam client or its users!
This change only affects people who have not transitioned from the Patcher to the Portal.


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