Give no Quarter


The ancient Scout-class starship screamed in agony. The hyperspace field formed, and the terrible energies harnessed by the Kearny-Fuchida drive that ran the length of its 273 meters rotated the ship out of the three spatial and one-time dimension universe.

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'mech specs

COR-RA 'Ravager'
Engine285 Standard285 Standard285 Standard285 Standard285 Standard285 XL
Top Speed48.6 kph48.6 kph48.6 kph48.6 kph48.6 kph48.6 kph
Max Engine Rating345345345345345345
Armor512 Standard480 Standard512 Standard512 Standard560 Standard576 Standard
Internal StructureStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Heat Sinks20 Single20 Single19 Single11 Single22 Single15 Double
Jump Jets0 (0 Max)0 (0 Max)0 (0 Max)0 (0 Max)0 (0 Max)0 (0 Max)
ECM CapableNoNoNoNoNoNo
MASC CapableNoNoNoNoNoNo
Head----Rocket Launcher 10Medium Laser
Left ArmSRM 6, Large LaserLarge Laser, LRM 10AC/5, AMS, AC/5 AmmoAC/2 x3Rocket Launcher 20Gauss Rifle, Medium Laser
Left TorsoMedium Laser x2, SRM Ammo x2, AC/10 Ammo, LRM Ammo, Heat Sink x5Machine Gun, SRM 2, LRM Ammo, SRM Ammo, MG Ammo, Heat Sink x5Medium Laser, Large Laser, AMS, AMS Ammo x2, Heat Sink x3Medium Laser, AC/2 Ammo x3Rocket Launcher 20, AC/20 Ammo x3, Heat Sink x6Large Laser, Gauss Ammo x2, Double Heat Sink
Center TorsoEngine, Medium Laser, AC/10 AmmoEngine, Small Laser, AC/10 AmmoEngineEngine, Medium Laser x2Engine, Rocket Launcher 10 x2Engine, Large Pulse Laser
Right TorsoAC/10, LRM 15, AC/10 Ammo, LRM AmmoAC/10, LRM 15, AC/10 Ammo, LRM AmmoAC/5, AMS, AC/5 Ammo, AMS Ammo x2, Heat SinkMedium Laser, AC/2 Ammo x3AC/20, AC/20 Ammo x2Ultra AC/5, Ultra AC/5 Ammo, Double Heat Sink
Right Arm-Medium LaserMedium Laser, PPC, AMSAC/2 x3Large Laser x2, Heat SinkLarge Laser, Medium Laser, Double Heat Sink x2
Left LegHeat Sink x2Heat Sink x2Heat Sink x2-Heat Sink x2-
Right LegHeat Sink x2Heat Sink x2Heat Sink x2-Heat Sink x2Ultra AC/5 Ammo
Head----1 Missile1 Energy
Left Arm1 Missile, 1 Energy (Actuators: Upper)1 Missile, 1 Energy (Actuators: Upper)2 Ballistic, 1 AMS (Actuators: Upper)3 Ballistic (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)1 Missile (Actuators: Upper)1 Ballistic, 1 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)
Left Torso2 Energy, 1 AMS1 Ballistic, 1 Missile, 1 AMS2 Energy, 1 AMS1 Energy, 1 AMS1 Missile, 1 AMS1 Energy, 1 AMS
Center Torso2 Energy1 Energy-2 Energy2 Missile1 Energy
Right Torso1 Ballistic, 1 Missile1 Ballistic, 1 Missile1 Ballistic, 1 AMS1 Energy1 Ballistic1 Ballistic
Right Arm(Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)1 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)2 Energy, 1 AMS (Actuators: Upper)3 Ballistic (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)2 Energy (Actuators: Upper)2 Energy (Actuators: Upper)

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System requirements

Operating System:

Video Card:

Hard Drive Space:



Windows 8.1
Intel: Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD: Athlon 64 X2 6400+ @ 3.2GHz
NVIDIA: 8800 GT / AMD: Radeon HD 5670

25GB (50GB temporarily required during installation)
Version 9c


Windows 10
Intel: Core i5-3470 @ 3.20 GHz / AMD: FX-6300 @ 3.5 GHz
NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 660 / AMD: Radeon HD 7870

Version 11