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/ Quickdraw QKD-D(LGD)

/ The Meta

/ $15.00 [USD]

The Legendary Mech Pack

Instant Unlock!

Quickdraw QKD-D(LGD) - Desperada

'Mech with a 30% C-Bill Boost

'Mech Bay



The Meta

Unlock Content

1. Purchase Legendary 'Mech
2. Pilot Legendary 'Mech
3. Earn 'Mech XP
4. Refresh Battlepass
5. Redeem Content

'Mech Specs

250 Light Engine
Max Engine Rating
Top Speed
67.5 kph
356 Light Ferro
Internal Structure
Endo Steel
Heat Sinks
10 Double
Jump Jets
2 (4 Max)
ECM Capable
MASC Capable
Gauss Ammo
Left Arm
Left Torso
Light PPC x2, Jump Jet Class III
Center Torso
Light Engine 250
Right Torso
Light PPC x2, Jump Jet Class III, Gauss Ammo
Right Arm
Gauss Rifle, CASE
Left Leg
Right Leg
Left Arm
1 Ballistic (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)
Left Torso
2 Energy
Center Torso
Right Torso
2 Energy
Right Arm
1 Ballistic (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)


Can you Buy the Legendary Mech pack more than once?

STEAM - You can only purchase the legendary mech pack once on steam.
MWOMERCS.COM - You can purchase the Legendary mech multiple times on the website HOWEVER you can only unlock the Mini battle pass content once. You will receive a duplicate mech on the second purchase of the same pack but none of the other content or battle pass unlocks.

How do I unlock items in the mini battle pass?

By playing the mech included in the Legendary mech pack

Do I have to claim the items in the mini battle pass?

The mini battle pass items will need to be redeemed on the Legendary Mech Purchase page and added to your account as you unlock the mini battle pass Tiers.

When does the mini battle pass end?

The mini Battle pass does not expire. You can unlock the mini battle pass at any time once you purchase the Legendary Mech Pack

Where can I track my mini battle pass progress?

You can track your progress on this page. The battle pass stats update every hour on the hour.