Changes to Solo Quick Play Matchmaking Restrictions

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Sep 7, 2017 7:00 PM UTC
Greetings MechWarriors,

Yesterday morning (PDT) we tightened the matchmaking rules for the Quick Play Solo Queue. With those changes, players are now currently only being matched against other players up to a maximum of one PSR Tier outside of their own (in both directions, when applicable). Whenever possible, the system will still attempt to match players within their specific Tier. It is only when wait times reach a certain duration that the system loosens up to check for players a single Tier beyond your own.
The new matching tolerances are listed below.


Matches with


1, 2


1, 2, 3


2, 3, 4


3, 4, 5


4, 5

These tighter matchmaking restrictions will help to improve per-match balance, but this improvement comes at a cost; wait times, particularly outside of peak hours, may see an increase by up to a minute or more.

We would like to stress that this is not necessarily a permanent change. We realize the balance between wait times and match quality is a delicate one, and will be closely monitoring the matchmaking system and adjusting its rules as needed.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the Matchmaking Status window - shown when hovering over the Quick Play button - conveys the percentage of players currently in the Matchmaking Queue for each Weight Class. If you wish to expedite your potential wait times we recommend using a 'Mech from a Weight Class with the lowest percentage value in the Matchmaking Status panel.


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