4game MWO Preorder and Beta clarity

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Dec 17, 2021 9:00 PM UTC 80  comments

Greetings MechWarriors,

We wanted to offer information on the recently announced Beta and Preorder for MWO in the Russian Region distributed by Innova through the 4game client. The FAQ information available through this preorder creates expectations as to how the game client and servers will function and we would like to provide further details and hopefully address any concerns players have.


Is the 4game version of MWO a separate game with a separate player population, database, matchmaker, and dedicated servers? 

No, everyone who plays MWO after the Open and Closed Beta will be accessing it through the same game client and database. 

  • 4game players will create accounts and install the game through 4game 

  • They will also buy Mech packages and purchase MC through 4game. (they can use MC to buy items in-game)

  • There will be a new dedicated server region (RU) that ALL PLAYERS can choose to play on much like the current dedicated server options in MWO (Players can check and uncheck the regions they want to play in)

  • The in-game text is being translated into Russian language and Russian Audio is being recorded for Betty, Game Modes messaging, and the Player's in-game command wheel.

  • Language selection will detect System language at game launch but also provide an option to switch the language in the options. 

  • Specific Warhorns will remain in English Language and we anticipate adding Warhorns in Russian Language

  • We anticipate creating events and sales that are targeted at that region but will not be restricting any region from taking part in events or sales


This table Illustrates the key differences based on account type 



Russian and CIS Regions

Sign up and Install - MWO Installer or Steam Client

Make Purchases - MWO Website or Steam Client

Game Client and content

Player accounts, Friends Lists, etc

Events and in Game sales

Same Dedicated Servers (Regions selectable by players)

Sign up and Install - 4game Client or website

Make Purchases - the 4game Client or website


So where did this confusion come from?  Why does the FAQ seem to imply information that contradicts what is stated above?

I believe the confusion comes from the Beta Process and Account Separation.


  • During Closed and Open Beta 4game players will be playing on their own test "environment" This will be to test the Localization, Event systems, Dedicated servers are operating correctly and we haven't missed any major issues that would need to be localized or improved before deployment.

  • A note for 4game Closed and Open Beta Participants any progression gained in the closed or open beta will NOT carry over to the Live Database.

  • Once we have completed closed and open beta 4game players will be joining us on the same live game client where we can all friend, chat, use VOIP and play MWO together.


  • Current players will not be able to transfer their MWO account to a 4game account. If a player wants to make purchases through the 4game client they will need to create a new account.

  • 4game Players will not be able to make purchases on MWO or Steam for their 4game account.

  • We will be working with 4game to make sure their players have access to the same content to keep things fair (Example: Like launching the Rivals pack at the same time)


Preorder Content and Purchases with real $ will transfer

  • It is unknown at this time if the Preorders and MC purchases will be available on the Beta Servers
  • If they are, any preorder content or MC amount purchased through 4game will transfer to the Live game
  • Any Mechs or Items purchased in-game for C-bills or MC will not transfer to the Live game (MC would be returned in this case)


Our goal is to provide a version of the game with Russian translations for text and audio, with regional pricing, and regional dedicated servers.

We hope to bring more players into MWO making the game more fun for everyone!

We hope this clears things up,

The MechWarrior Online Team


Feel free to ask questions in the forum thread for this announcement and we will do our best to answer what we can.


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