Reporting Players for misconduct

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Q: How do I report a player for misconduct?

Game related Reports

Please report offensive users via our in-game report system by selecting the offensive pilot's name (which can be accessed by using the TAB key) and choosing the report category. 
If you would provide additional information about the incident please contact Moderation.
When submitting your Ticket, please try to include the following details:
  • Date/Time of Match
  • Map/Mode Played
  • Names of Offending Players
These details help speed up the investigation process.

Forum related Reports 

Use the Report button attached to any post or player profile and include a comment as to what infraction you believe has taken place on that post or profile. 
Our Moderation team carries out strict protocols on how to assess, define, and handle Code of Conduct violations.

No Feeding

DON'T engage reported players after you have reported them. At best, this will generate more work for our Moderators. At worst, you could end up falling into the trap of becoming moderated yourself.