A tactical, 'Mech-based online shooter set in the rich BattleTech Universe.

MechWarrior Online: Legends

MechWarrior Online™ Legends is a tactical, 'Mech-based online shooter set in the vast BattleTech Universe.

As a Rookie MechWarrior, you will have immediate access to 16 pre-configured powerful mechanized units called BattleMechs. As you earn in-game currency and experience you will be able to purchase and customize your own stable of awesome Battlemechs. Monthly events will grant you access to even more items, currency, and 'Mechs to help you progress your MechWarrior career. Find your perfect Mech, create your perfect loadout, unlock all your 'Mech Skills, and customize your 'Mech inside and out!


MechWarrior Online™ Legends Quickplay, Faction Play, Private Match, and an Event Queue with custom modes!

Quickplay - Quick Play is where you'll find fast action, fielding your 'Mech in team-based game modes and maps. Pick your Favorite Mech and Drop in Quickplay for intense 'Mech Battles featuring 10+ maps and 4 + modes to keep

Faction Play - In Faction Play you will field 4 ‘Mechs per match, lending your skills and allegiance to the Faction of your choosing in prolonged team-based engagements, conquering and defending planets in their name to earn rewards and expand your Faction's territory across the Inner Sphere.

Event Queue - Be on the lookout for special events such as the monthly Solaris weekend with 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 intense fights or bring up to 4 mechs in Drop Deck modes to keep you in the fight longer. Sometimes things really get crazy with Unlimited Ammo and Extra Armor modifiers so keep an eye out for the Event Queue.

Become a Legend in MechWarrior Online™ Legends.

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